IP500 V2 IP Office Control Unit

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Maximum Extensions

Up to 384 extensions (depending on the IP Office mode, see Overall Capacity).

Conference Parties

128 as standard but maximum 64 in any individual conference. Silence suppression is applied to conferences with more than 10 parties.

Trunks Cards

4 x IP500 trunk daughter cards, see IP500 Base Cards. Some base cards can also be fitted with trunk cards, see IP500 Trunk Daughter Cards.

Voice Compression Channels

Up to 148 channels using IP500 VCM and IP500 Combination cards.

Voicemail Channels

Maximum 40 usable for Voicemail Pro/TAPI WAV connection sessions subject to available licenses. For Embedded Voicemail, up to 6 (2 by default, additional channels require licenses).


Supported in all IP Office locales.

Minimum Software Level

IP500 V2: IP Office Essential Edition: 6.0 minimum. Subscription: 11.1 minimum. IP Office Basic Edition – PARTNER Mode: 6.0 minimum. IP Office Basic Edition – Norstar Mode: 6.1 minimum. IP Office Basic Edition: 7.0 minimum.  Bin file = ip500v2.bin.

Power Supply

Internal power supply unit.


Free-standing, rack mounted (requires IPO IP500 RACK MNTG KIT) or wall mounted (requires IPO IP500 WALL MNTG KIT).


Width: 445mm/17.5″. Depth: 365mm/14.4″. Height: 73mm/2.9″/2U. Clearance: 90mm minimum all sides, 220m at front.


Maximum configuration file size: 2048KB.






3.5mm Stereo jack socket. Used for external music on hold source input.


If pressed during a restart of the control unit, the control unit skips booting from the /primary folder on the System SD card.

If pressed for more than 5 seconds when a system is running, the control unit shuts down for 10 minutes.


Indicates the status of the control unit.

Alternate red/green = Starting up.

Green on = Okay.

Red on = No software.

Flashing Red = Error/Shutdown.


RJ45 socket. Used for direct connection to external expansion modules using the Expansion Interconnect cable supplied with the expansion module.


3.5mm Stereo jack socket. Used for switching external relay systems such as door entry controls. The port contains two independent switches controlled by the IP Office.


AC power input port.


RJ45 socket. The port is a full-duplex 10/100Mbps auto-sensing, MDI crossover port. With the WAN port forms a managed layer 3 Ethernet switch.

Optional SD

Used for the Optional SD card. The LED is used in the same way as for the System SD (see below).


This switch is used to restart the IP Office, optionally erasing the configuration and or the core software in the process. See Reset Button.


9-Way D-Type socket. Used for system maintenance.

System SD

Used for the System SD card,. The LED is used as follows.

Off = Card shutdown.

Green on = Card present.

Green flashing = Card in use.

Orange steady = Reset imminent.

Red flashing = Card initializing or shutting down.

Red fast flashing = card full

Red steady = Card failure/wrong type.


RJ45 socket. The port is a full-duplex 10/100Mbps auto-sensing, MDI crossover port. With the WAN port forms a managed layer 3 Ethernet switch. This port is not supported on systems running in IP Office Basic Edition – PARTNER Mode, IP Office Basic Edition – Norstar Mode or IP Office Basic Editions.

ground symbol

Used for connection of a functional or protective ground. Use of a ground for all systems is recommended and for some locales may be a regulatory requirement.




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